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  • 1000L Pure water tank
  • 1000L Pure water tank
1000L Pure water tank1000L Pure water tank

1000L Pure water tank

  • Category: Mixer
  • Design pressure:ATM~0.6MPA
  • Thermal insulation layer:Rock wool or polyurethane
  • Treatment type: mechanical polishing, sandblasting, pickling
  • Inlet and Outlet: quick loading card, flange
  • Product description:Pure water tank,1000L Stainless Steel 304,water storage tank 316 Sterile pure water tank,

Product Description

Storage Tanks are usually designed with vertical round tank body with standard elliptical or butterfly upper head and standard conical, butterfly or elliptical bottom head. The internal wall transitions are all arc-shaped, no dead corner, easy to clean. Available structures are single-walled, double-walled (with insulation on the tank body and the bottoms) or jacket (with jacket and insulation on the tank body and the bottoms), customers could choose them for combination. Inner surface is mirror polished, suitable for CIP and SIP, complying with food sanitation requirements.
Tank structure is usually vertical type or horizontal type with mechanical mixer, while also could be square, round or other shapes according to customer requirements.

Product Features

Tank capacities available range from 100L to 20,000L, which could be designed and manufactured according to actual needs of customers.
Insulation materials are rock wool or polyurethane
With quick chuck interface, inner body is made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel (optional), inner surface is mirror-polished Ra≤0.28μm~0.6μm. Outer surface can be polished, brushed, sandblasted or others according to customer requirements.

Product Parameters
Designed Pressure ATM-0.6MPA
Designed Temperature
Tank body and jacket could be customized(0℃~160℃)
Treatment Mechanical Polishing,Sandblasting,pickling
Polishing Accuracy
Internal wall thickness 0.3um,external wall thickness 0.6um
Inner Body
Insulation Layer
Rock wool or polyurethane
Feet 304
Inlet&Outlet Quick chuck interface,flange