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  • KY-W Auger filling machine with online weigher

KY-W Auger filling machine with online weigher

  • Category: Powder packing machine
  • Model:KY-W25
  • Packing Weight:1g - 500g
  • Packing Speed:8 - 15 times per min
  • Overall Dimension:800×790×1900mm
  • Product description:Auger filling machine with online weigher

This series packing machines can handle weighing,filling functions etc.Featured with real-time weighing and filling design these machine can be used to pack high accuracy required,with uneven density,free flowing or non free flowing powder or small granule.I.e. Protein powder,food additive,solid beverage,sugar,toner,veterinary and carbon powder etc.

Main features

Stainless steel structure;Quick disconnecting or split hopper could be washed easily without tools.

Servo motor drive screw.

Pneumatic bag clamper and platform equip with load cell to handle two speeds filling as per preset weight.Featured with high speed and accuracy weighing system.

PLC control, touch screen display, easy to operate.

Two filling modes can be inter-changeable,fill by volume or fill by weight.Fill by volume featured with high speed but low accuracy.Fill by weight featured with high accuracy but low speed.

Save the parameter of different filling weight for different materials.To save 10 sets at most.

Replacing the auger parts,it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.