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  • Automatic liquid filling machine(PVC)

Automatic liquid filling machine(PVC)

Main features:
1, PLC control, stepless frequency conversion adjustment.
2, paper, plastic molding, filling, batch number, cut the tail, cutting, etc. 7 location by the program automatically.
3, man-machine interface device, the operation is simple and clear.
4, filling head does not drip, no bubble, no overflow.
5, and related parts in contact with the liquid are all made of high quality stainless steel material, conform to GMP standard.
6, main pneumatic components, electrical appliances imported accessories.
7, electronic peristaltic pump control filling system and mechanical filling two kinds, accurate  measurement error is small.

The main technical parameters:
Maximum depth forming:12 mm
Number of:100 bottles / min
Filling quotas:Five filling head filling at the same time
Packaging materials:PVC/PE (0.2 0.4) x 120 mm
The filling capacity:1-50 ml/branch
Power supply is the total power:6.0 kw
voltage:Three-phase 220 v / 50 hz (three-phase 380 v / 50 hz)